Adiumy Download Adium_1.5.11b3.dmg (SHA1: ca804389412f9aeb7971ade6812f33ac739140e6 SHA256: 999e1931a52dc327b3a6e8492ffa9df724a837c88ad9637a501be2e3b6710078 )
Requires OS X 10.7.5 or later. Released 2016-03-10
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Version 1.5.11b3 (2016-03-10)

Revision: 5d4a3b9f6d5f

  • Merged changes from Adium and
    • Patched libotr, fixing an issue that could lead to remote code execution.
    • Updated libpurple to 2.10.12.
    • Updated Sparkle to 1.13.1, fixing a security issue that can lead to disclosure of local files or remote code execution.
    • Set Sparkle update back to HTTPS.

Version 1.5.11b2 (2015-04-16)

Revision: 10a6d9caba1b

  • Cleaned up the debug logging for the new Google Talk authentication.

Version 1.5.11b1 (2015-04-01)

Revision: df415de314d5

  • Google Talk now authenticates using OAuth2, making logging in simpler when using two-factor authentication and more secure. (#16161)
  • Fixed a crash upon file transfer completion on Bonjour. (Quentin Les) (#16038, #16182)
  • Fixed a problem with signing in to Twitter and updating the timeline on OS X 10.10. (#16882)
  • Fixed a problem with signing in to Yahoo!. („reanimus“) (#16678)
  • Fixed UI glitches in Adium’s preferences on OS X 10.10. (#16803)
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